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You have an idea - our passion is bringing your idea to life so when it is delivered to your audiences ears, the sound is perceived in the best possible way. 


Our Detroit area recording studio has been designed to capture high quality sound by utilizing diffusion and dispersion acoustic treatments within our rooms that have been built to capture high quality audio. The quality is maximized by professional engineers leveraging top of the line equipment from our mics to our DAWs and everything in-between. 


If you know exactly what you want then we will make it happen. If you need some direction and production our engineers will be excited to help guide you through the process. 

Click one of the links below to view our rates, booking, or list of equipment. 

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Mixing creates a balance of sound, frequency, and loudness. Fine tuning the dynamics, compression, reverb, stereo image, and depth spatiality all help bring your vision to life. 


All of this is done and blended together so that your audience is focused solely on your performance and the role of the audio engineer never crosses their mind. Although comping together a vocal track, pitch correction and things alike are part of the process, mixing is not necessarily about editing your performance or your music; it's about editing and maximizing the energy of the audio waveforms so that the human ear perceives it in the best way possible. 

Our audio engineer professionals utilize a combination of pro tools, logic, izotope, Waves plug-ins, and the adobe suite to achieve your desired sound whether it's for music, audio for film, radio spots or podcasts. 

If you are interested in a mixing collaboration and have a couple questions, please use the live chat, contact form, or give use a call! If you're ready to start, that's great! Click the 'singe' or 'album' link below and fill out the corresponding form. 


Mastering leverages all of the same techniques as mixing, but focuses on the entire song as opposed to individual tracks. 


You're going to want your song to be heard as you envisioned whether someone is listening on monitors, headphones, laptops, or in their car. You're going to want your song to have proper loudness when it comes up on Spotify. Advancements in technology have created endless ways to consume audio so when we master, we make sure your idea pops and sounds right across the board.

If you are interested in mastering your next single or album and have a couple questions, please use the live chat, contact form, or give use a call! If you're ready to start, that's great! Click the 'singe' or 'album' link below and fill out the corresponding form. 

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We love to get your music sounding like the idea you envisioned. The next step however is a lot of fun - we need to get your music heard! A great way to do that now a days is getting your song on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all of the major streaming platforms.


At All In Studios, we simplify the process. Simply fill out the form below, attach your music and artwork, and in your music will be available on all major streaming platforms before you know it!

When you distribute with us, your music will have sync licensing and we will collect royalties on your behalf and pay them out to you. We take no % of your royalties! You will receive quarterly reports for transparency and are welcome to request reports as you see fit. 

copyrighT | Publishing

It's always a wise idea to protect your intellectual property. The process of doing this in the music business has been all over the place in recent years so we simplified it by offering a one-stop copyright and publishing option. 

With your purchase, your music will be submitted to the U.S. copyright office. We will also publish your music which will in turn protect you from missing out on royalty collections from U.S. radio, U.S. television, international royalties, national radio, public television, internet/mobile services, satellite radio, and live concert royalties. You will be charged a 3% convenience fee for monitoring your royalties, collecting them and passing them along to you. 

Understand that as a publisher, we simply document your work for you - we do not actively market your music. If you are looking for that, we will happily point you in the right direction. 

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