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You have an idea - our passion is bringing your idea to life so when it is delivered to your audiences ears, the sound is perceived in the best possible way.

Our Detroit area location ​has been designed to capture high quality sound by utilizing diffusion and dispersion acoustic treatments within our rooms that have been built to capture high quality audio. The quality is maximized by professional engineers leveraging top of the line equipment from our mics to our DAWs and everything in-between.




Mixing creates a balance of sound, frequency, and loudness. Fine tuning the dynamics, compression, reverb, stereo image, and depth spatiality all help bring your vision to life. 


All of this is done and blended together so that your audience is focused solely on your performance and the role of the audio engineer never crosses their mind. It's not necessarily about editing your performance or your music, it's about editing and maximizing the energy the audio so that the human ear perceives it in the best way possible. 


Mastering leverages all of the same techniques as mixing, but focuses on the entire song as opposed to individual tracks. 

You're going to want your song to be heard as you envisioned whether someone is listening on monitors, headphones, laptops, or in their car. You're going to want your song to have proper loudness when it comes up on Spotify. Advancements in technology have created endless ways to consume audio so when we master, we make sure your idea pops and sounds right across the board.

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Distribution and copyright have become overly complicated with the advancements in the modern music industry. On the distribution side, obviously there are too many digital media and streaming services to count. On the copyright side, there is public performance rights, reproduction rights, mechanical licenses, sync licenses, and the list goes on.

We aim to simplify this by providing a place where everything can taken care of at one place. 

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covid 19 precautions

Here at All In Studios, we are taking actions to prevent the spread of Covid 19. For any off location photography or videography projects, our camera operator will wear a mask and practice social distancing. For in studio work, the same precautions will be taken. In addition, all equipment will be sanitized before and after every session, and masks and hand sanitizer will be readily available. Stay safe!

Located at 49906 Gratiot Ave, New Baltimore MI 48051